Ep Album


* gun For it

* alive Again

* where are you

* chasing after

* too many times


“I am Lidah”,takes fans on a personal journey through Lidah’s life; each song is filled with emotions and style. The single "Chasing After" is a fast, up-tempo beat celebrating the end of chasing after someone you love; while “Gun For It” is a very whimsical classical piece expressing a very optimistic girl who is willing to love again even though her intuition is telling her not to. Both songs are written with strong emotions, expressed in totally different styles.

For Lidah, this album reaches anyone who has ever been heart broken, and was able to put the pieces of their life together again. Through the stylistic choices of lyrics, melodies and music, one can definitely feel the emotions and passion;They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel”.